Swapping Between FP 10 and 10.1 playerglobal.swc in Flash CS5 – Publish Settings

August 29th, 2010

If you want to swap between targeting Flash Player 10.1 and 10 (because the two are pretty different) in Flash CS5 its actually a little easier than I first thought.

Fixing The Player SWC.

First, download the playerglobal.swc like in my earlier post.

This time, though, don’t put it in the FP10 folder. Instead, create a new folder in [app]/Common/Configuration/ActionScript 3.0, name it FP10.1, and drop the .swc in there. If you have already grabbed the playerglobal.swc and placed it in the FP10 folder, just move it to this new folder and put the archived version back where it was (hopefully you did backup the previous .swc).

Open the FlashPlayer10_1.xml located here:
Mac: /Applications/Adobe Flash CS5/Common/Configuration/Players
PC: C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Flash CS5\Common\Configuration\Players

Change the <player> id to =”FlashPlayer10.1″ and the <name> to Flash Player 10.1. Then in the <playerDefinitionPath> change the as3 path to reflect the newly created FP10.1 folder. Save.

Now, download this zip. In it is an .xml for Flash Player 10 Publish Setting taken from Flash CS4. It won’t break CS5, I promise.

Place that .xml into the Players folder.

Open up Flash CS5 and create a new AS3 file.

You will notice that Publish Setting’s Flash Player is 10. This is default for AS3 Projects in your default Publish Profile (more on that in another post). If you want to change it, go to Publish Settings and bring down the player version. 10.1 should now appear in the list.

This still does not address the Player version on Test Movie problem. So to truly test this, you will need to publish and test in the browser. You can Publish and Run by cmd(cntl) + F12. Swap the player by grabbing archived versions of Flash Player here.

This is possible for Flash CS4 as well. Only differences there is the paths, of course, and the Player .xml will need to be grabbed from CS5.
**Update 08/29/10:

HFUG found an issue with TLF in the newly created Flash Player 10 files:

This is because there is a missing node in the FlashPlayer10.xml that we put into the Players folder. If you have followed this post then you can simply open that .xml and paste this line to the bottom of the <feature> nodes:
<feature name=”textLayoutFramework”       supported=”true” />
I have updated the .zip above to fix this .xml.

Happy Flashing!

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